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Essential protection for every tenancy... with the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Protection regulations (TDS) it has become impossible to safely recover costs for damages/loss without independently sourced documentation to verify your property's original condition.

Keeping the law on your side... an accurate, concise and easily read record of your property's condition and contents prepared anew and/or updated with each subsequent tenancy is of crucial importance.


When produced by an independent 3rd party, the inventory (and schedule of condition) report(s) form a legally binding document and as such prove invaluable in recovering costs should the property or its contents suffer more than fair wear and tear.


An inventory provided by Robinson Property Services delivers each of these key elements quickly, efficiently, reliably... written in plain english and presented with a clear and easy to follow colour coded format running throughout the document, information is grouped as follows: decoration and hard furnishings, electrical items and finally furnishings/contents quickly, efficiently and reliably.



An accompanied Check-in at the property with the Tenants, compilation of the Check-in report providing important property management information, cleanliness report, and a signed declaration from the Tenants that the Inventory has been checked and agreed.



An accompanied (or unaccompanied) Check-out of the Tenant, compilation of the Check-out report detailing a summary of findings and cleanliness report, a signed declaration from the Tenants that they have witnessed the Check-out Inspection.


Mid-Tenancy Inspection

An inspection of the property at an agreed interval during the Tenancy, to comment on general condition, any possible breaches of Tenancy, any signs of unauthorised occupiers, any damage requiring the Tenants' attention, and any Landlord repairs.


pic5On 6th April 2007, the Department of Communities and Local Government introduced new Housing Law which has changed forever the handling of Tenants' deposits.

The change in legislation means that no Landlord is entitled to take the damage deposit for a new Assured Short hold Tenancy of his/her property without being a member of a deposit Insurance scheme, either directly or via their agent, or making use of a custodial scheme.

This change to legislation serves the purpose of safeguarding Tenant's deposits against unfair deductions made by the Landlord. The scheme administrators are responsible for resolving disputes over proposed deductions from a Tenant's deposit, and in the case of a custodial scheme holds the deposit itself only releasing it once deductions or damages have been agreed between both parties.

Potentially this leaves Landlords open to real danger. The greatest decider in any dispute over the use of deposit monies is impartial, hard evidence, whether it be photographic or written. This means that if Tenants damage a property during the Tenancy, the Landlord must be able to prove to the relevant scheme administrators that the property was in good condition at the beginning of the Tenancy.

There is only one way for this to be proven and that is with an accurate and detailed Inventory. Without an Inventory in place, how will the Landlord be protected when the Tenants move out and an accurately comparable Check-out Report is not possible?

With a professionally created inventory agreed by the Tenant at the start of the Tenancy, a Landlord can fairly claim for damage to his property, and this sort of documentation is vital now as independent adjudicators may be called upon to decide damages awarded. Whether you are a private Landlord, a Letting Agent, Relocation Agent or Housing Association, Robinson Property Services can provide unbiased and independent property condition reports providing you and your Tenants with complete peace of mind.

We offer full Inventory/Schedule of Condition reports, accompanied Check-in of the Tenant at the property, Mid-tenancy inspections of the property, and final Check-out Inspections. Our Reports include dated digital photography and are all produced and available to you within 24hours of compilation.

Our reports are highly accurate and professionally presented, most importantly we are completely impartial and so our reports are able to be used effectively in the case of a possible deposit dispute.

To see a sample inventory, click here

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